Roger’s Education Testing Reform Bill Passes

Annapolis, MD – This week, the Maryland General Assembly passed Senator Roger Manno’s Senate Bill 452 – Education – Accountability Program – Assessments (Less Testing, More Learning Act of 2017), to address the problem of onerous and ultimately unproductive standardized testing requirements that hinder the progress of our children and their educators.

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Displaced Coal Miners

Annapolis, MD – Recently, Senator Roger Manno authored a  Committee Amendment to Governor Hogan’s flawed and unfair “manufacturing” tax bill, which gives tens of millions of dollars in tax breaks to corporations, but provides no tax relief for hard working manufacturing workers.

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Manno Grills MD Health Secretary on Rural Impact of ACA Repeal

Annapolis, MD — In this grueling 10-minute video from the Maryland Health and Human Services Subcommittee budget hearing, Senator Roger Manno grills Maryland’s Health Secretary on the pending repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Act (Obamacare, “ACA”), the adverse impact that repeal would have on Maryland, and the overwhelmingly disproportionate impact that any repeal would have on rural counties throughout Maryland.

Senator Manno speaks about ACA repeal 3/3/17

President Trump and the GOP continue to beat the drums of #ACA repeal. On Friday, the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Secretary testified to my HHS sub-committee about what is being done to prepare for the disastrous possibility, especially in rural areas. Bottom line: repealing the ACA will unnecessarily strip the right to access health care from tens of thousands of the most vulnerable Maryland residents. It's unacceptable, and the fact that it's on the table at all shows how out of touch the GOP is.

Posted by Roger Manno on Sunday, March 5, 2017

Roger Discusses Manufacturing Jobs, Environment and Healthcare at Forum

Silver Spring, MD – Today, Senator Roger Manno joined local activists and elected officials for a Progressive Neighbors pre-legislative session town hall.

Roger discussed a range of issues, including his role in placing a “hold” on Governor Hogan’s Fracking regulations and legal opposition to his Nitrogen Oxide regulations, his Manufacturing Development Act, and his work on health care reforms, including the Affordable Care Act.

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