Attorney General Opines That Locals May Ban Fracking

Annapolis, MD – Recently, Senator Roger Manno and Delegate Sandy Rosenberg, co-chairs of the AELR Committee (Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review Committee)  requested an Attorney General opinion as to whether local jurisdictions may, through local laws, preempt the State in issues of the natural gas extraction process known as Hydraulic Fracturing, or “Fracking.”

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Manno Appointed Senate Majority Whip

Annapolis, MD – Today, Senator Roger Manno was appointed Senate Majority Whip by Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller.

Manno, currently in his second term in the Senate, also serves as Senate Chair of the Spending Affordability Committee, the AELR Committee (Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review), and as Vice Chair of the Montgomery County Senate Delegation.

“Senator Manno’s passion for working families and the issues they face, as well as his incredible stamina and dedication will continue to be valuable for both the for the Caucus and Senate,” said Senate President Miller. “In his new role as Majority Whip, I look forward to working with him to ensure that supporting Maryland’s middle class continues to be a central focus of the Maryland Senate.”

“I am very honored to have been selected by President Miller to serve as Majority Whip in the Maryland Senate,” stated Manno. “My years in public service have focused on empowering real people facing real challenges — from job creation and manufacturing, to social and economic justice, to access to health care and other critical services. I’m very proud of the role that I play in partnership with many groups and coalitions in developing policies that advance working families and retirees, and I’m confident that my position as Majority Whip will be an asset in continuing our progress.”

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On behalf of my family and our community, we extend our humblest and most grateful thanks to America’s Veterans on this Veterans Day. We salute you, and are in your debt.

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Kemp Mill Pedestrian Access Reopened During Jewish Holidays

RESIDENTS OF THE GREATER KEMP MILL COMMUNITY – Please be advised that the 19th District Delegation continues to work with Kemp Mill Civic Association and local leaders to ensure safe pedestrian access to the Kemp Mill Shopping Center and Young Israel Shomrai Emunah during sidewalk construction. As a result, we are pleased to announce that the Arcola Avenue sidewalks will be reopened throughout the Jewish holidays.

Please see the Kemp Mill Civic Association notice below:


Dear Kemp Millers,

The sidewalk on Arcola Ave. in front of the new Park reconstruction was slated to be closed for the next few weeks. With some work this afternoon, and help from David Linton, Jay Childs, and Catherine Coello of the Montgomery County Parks Department, and the offices of Senator Manno and Delegate Kramer of our Maryland State Delegation, it was reopened, and will remain open throughout the Jewish Holidays. With approval and appreciation from David Linton, Construction Manager at the Parks Department, a contractor staffer and I arranged the orange traffic barrels and cones to create a safe pedestrian passageway from the Arcola sidewalk in front of the Park to the crosswalk between Young Israel Shomrai Emunah and the other side of Lamberton (see pictures below). We also removed the “sidewalk closed” and other confusing signs, the sign blocking the line of sight from the Yeshiva driveway, and brought in the fence around the newly poured concrete at the Lamberton/Arcola corner in front of the Park to create a safer corner and crosswalk.


Ira Unger

President, Kemp Mill Civic Association

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Roger’s Legislation on End-of-Life Awareness is Implemented

Annapolis, MD – Today, legislation authored by Senator Roger Manno proclaiming each April 16th to be National Healthcare Decisions Day, became implemented.

Manno’s legislation, SB422, requires the Governor to annually proclaim April 16 as National Healthcare Decisions Day. Nationally, Healthcare Decisions Day is designed to raise public awareness of the need to plan ahead for healthcare decisions related to end of life care and medical decision making whenever patients are unable to speak for themselves and to encourage the specific use of Advance Directives to communicate these important healthcare decisions.

“This is an important initiative,” state Roger. “As we live longer, we are faced with greater and more complicated end-of-life options. It is important that we prepare and educate those empowered with those decisions – both caretakers and patients — of the options and choices available, in order to provide the best care possible. Proclaiming April 16th as National Healthcare Decisions Day advances this effort, and I am proud of our work toward that end.”

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Roger Requests Rate Freeze on Long-Term Care Premiums

Annapolis, MD – Today Senator Roger Manno formally requested a rate freeze on long-term care premiums, set to increase by 15 percent, the highest amount authorized under law. The decision to increase long-term care rates rests solely within the discretion of the Maryland Insurance Commissioner.


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Roger Maintains Highest Environmental Rating

Annapolis, MD – This week Senator Roger Manno again received the 100% Environmental Rating from the Maryland League of Environmental Voters (MDLCV), maintaining Manno’s 100% Lifetime Rating over the course of his 10 years in both the Maryland House and Senate.

Manno is unique in both the House and Senate in maintaining a 100% rating for this length of time (10 years), making his environmental score the single highest weighted score in Maryland.

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