Roger Manno economy


I'm working to diversify our economy, strengthen our job market and level the playing field for all Marylanders.

For me, there is no higher priority than fueling Maryland's economy to create the jobs that our families need. That's why I'm focused on diversifying our economy through investments in highly skilled sectors like Biotech, IT, life sciences, infrastructure, and rebuilding our once-thriving manufacturing sector.

I introduced and passed new Maryland laws that provided hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for K-12 education, increased the Earned Income Tax Credit by 20 percent, restored the Mortgage Interest Deduction, created the Security Clearance Tax Credit and the Apprenticeship Opportunities Act, and have restructured Maryland's tax code so that middle-class families and the working poor take home a greater percentage of their hard-earned money. Those investments have helped Maryland emerge from the recession with balanced budgets, AAA bond ratings from all three ratings agencies, some of the best schools in the nation, and more minorities, women and veterans in the workforce than ever before.

While I'm proud that we have restored 100 percent of the jobs lost during the recession, we must continue fighting to close corporate tax loopholes that drive jobs out of the state and the nation, and advance new solutions to bring those jobs back home to Maryland.

With strong leadership, we can do it.

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