Making Government Work

I'm making government work better for everyone - not just the privileged few.

Government functions best when it is open, transparent and accessible to everyone.

As Chair of the Spending Affordability Committee, I led the unanimous and bi-partisan fight in Annapolis that has transformed how Maryland builds budgets, and reformed the Board of Revenue Estimates processes that have led to years of poor revenue forecasts that triggered mid-year service cuts outside the purview of the legislature (SB371). I've passed new laws to expand transparency and the Open Meetings Act (SB450), and authored the Disclosure and Accountability of State Spending Act (SB604), so that taxpayers can see right on their tax form how government is spending your hard-earned money. 

ABOVE: Roger chairing a recent Spending Affordability hearing in Annapolis

ABOVE: Roger debating the Budget Secretary on recent service cuts

I have also supported numerous other reforms to level the playing field - including banning campaign contributions from casino owners, strengthening ethics rules for legislators and lobbyists, and improving access to government records and proceedings. I worked across the aisle to sponsor tough accountability legislation for state agencies that violate repeat audit findings, and helped reform legislative vacancy and nomination procedures, special elections and public financing of elections.

I continue to support non-partisan redistricting reform, so that voters choose their elected officials, not the other way around. 

And in 2017, as a member of the Legislative Policy Committee, I voted to increase accountability for state legislators who sexually harass people in the General Assembly, including expulsion of legislators who violate this new policy. There is no place for harassment in government or in any workplace.

ABOVE: Roger's recent "Taking Back The Budget" town hall meeting at the Silver Spring Civic Center

ABOVE: Roger at recent Progressive Budget town hall

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