Protecting Seniors

We need to keep our promise to seniors who built our community.

For more than a decade, I've had the honor to represent the largest community of seniors in the State of Maryland, and together, we've delivered.

Along with strong, passionate activists and a great team in Annapolis, we've worked for new safety measures throughout our community, like sidewalks, crosswalks, road repaving, updated water and gas lines, and other infrastructure upgrades that make seniors safer. We've pushed for new safety measures, like updated smoke detector requirements, sprinklers, and strong regulations to prevent smoking near oxygen tanks and respirators.

I've fought the State of Maryland when it implemented double taxation schemes on seniors on fixed incomes, and won. I've gone up against the State Highway Administration until it reformed their immoral and predatory EZPass tolling schemes, and I took on the Maryland Insurance Commissioner for approving annual 15 percent rate increases on Long Term Care policies.

I authored new laws that protect seniors from retaliatory evictions (SB620), secured groundbreaking funding and awareness for an "Advance Directive Registry" in order to honor the medical wishes of patients who are incapacitated (SB790 and SB442), dedicated funding for blind and physically handicapped services (SB419), and increased economic fairness for homeowners whose homes are taken by eminent domain (HB1159). I passed amendments that allow seniors to remain in their homes rather than in institutional facilities, and took on the energy companies and the Public Service Commission until new service reliability standards became law.

In Congress, I will keep America's promise to protect Social Security and Medicare, and to protect retirement income - the nest egg that you've worked so hard for.  

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