Sensible Gun Reform

Above: I'm proud to be named a Gun Sense Candidate by Moms Demand Action

I consider myself an outdoorsman. I love fishing, canoeing, camping, hiking and sporting clay shooting. I recognize that the 2nd Amendment exists to guarantee that law abiding adults have a right to protect themselves, their families, to enjoy safe target practice, or just to hunt.

But there’s no place for AR-15 assault weapons, criminals, terrorists, or people with severe mental illness in that mix. To keep communities safe, I continue to support:

  • universal background checks
  • 48-hour waiting periods, and
  • restrictions on military style assault weapons and accessories

These are sensible and necessary protections that do not infringe on lawful and responsible gun ownership for personal use.

That's why I joined (then State Senators) Congressman Jamie Raskin and Attorney General Brian Frosh in voting for Maryland’s Firearm Safety Act in 2013, to take dangerous assault weapons off the streets and out of the hands of criminals. This year I joined colleagues in the Maryland Senate in voting to ban “bump stocks." In 2014, I introduced legislation, along with Jamie Raskin and Brian Frosh, to ban firearms in schools (SB535). And in 2007, during my first year in the legislature, I worked with Montgomery County Police and authored legislation called for by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence to allow law enforcement to address specific challenges of gun trafficking and violence by regulating firearms at the local level (MC 710-07).  

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