Roger Manno Workers Rights

Jobs and Worker Rights

Hardworking Marylanders deserve good jobs with good benefits.

My dad was a carpenter, worked hard, but died at the age of 50 from preventative heart disease because he didn't have health insurance.  That should never happen in this country.

American workers deserve good jobs, benefits, and fair working conditions. That's why I'm fighting to address worker exploitation and the offshoring of Maryland jobs.

I introduced the boldest manufacturing effort in Maryland history, based on the audacious belief that workers deserve the same tax benefits as companies (SB181). I've authored legislation to address fair trade and currency manipulation (SB893), cosponsored legislation that raised the minimum wage, and introduced the "tipped worker" amendment for the lowest wage workers.

I authored and passed new laws that now give Maryland workers paid rest breaks (HB1099), reigned-in outsourcing of Montgomery County contracts (HB946),  increased apprenticeship job training throughout Maryland (HB644), and the job-creating Security Clearance Tax Credit for federal contractors (SB138 and SB 296). Having twice been awarded "Legislator of the Year" by AFL-CIO unions, and named an honorary member of the largest AFL-CIO construction trade union in Maryland, I'll continue fighting day in and day out for the rights and benefits of public and private sector workers.

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