Manno Endorsed by Teamsters


Allegany County, MD – Today, Maryland congressional candidate (MD-6) and State Senator Roger Manno announced the rare early endorsements of both Teamsters Joint Councils in Maryland: Teamsters Joint Council No. 55 and Teamsters Joint Council No. 62. Collectively these joint councils represent every Teamster union throughout the State of Maryland, including thousands of hard-working union members in and around Maryland’s 6th Congressional District, and key constituencies in Cumberland (Teamsters Local 453) and Hagerstown (Teamsters Local 992).

“This is big. Our campaign is about leveling the economic playing field, empowering the working men and women of this great Country, and building an economy that works for everyone,” stated Manno. “The Teamsters represent workers at the heart of our economy, and as public officials we have an obligation to every American to ensure these workers succeed. With the news out of Washington this morning that Republicans are moving forward with a plan to slash taxes on big business and provide an “Estate Tax Cut” for the wealthiest 0.2% it is more important than ever that the 6th Congressional District has a Representative in Congress with personal experience fighting for working families. It is what I have done my entire career, and why I am honored to have the support of Maryland’s Teamsters.”

​The Teamsters Unions represent workers in a wide variety of industries, including: building and construction trades, bakeries, laundries, breweries, soft drink manufacturers, dairy, freight, industrial trades, motion pictures and theatrical trades, newspapers, magazines, electronic media, packaging, public services, recycling, tank hauling, trade shows, convention centers, and warehousing.

Manno’s work with and on behalf of working families is personal and extensive, including organizing drives, assisting in negotiations, worker rallies, and standing with labor on picket lines. Notably, Manno successfully authored landmark legislation that guarantees paid rest breaks for retail workers throughout Maryland, and legislation to increase the hiring of Veterans and their spouses. Manno voted against the estate tax cut Forbes Magazine referred to as “the $11 million tax break” for “wealthy folks,” which carries a 10-year $1.1 billion price tag in the State of Maryland, and which Donald Trump is now seeking to expand through the “Trump GOP Tax Package.”

Recently, Manno has received the early endorsements of United Food and Commercial Workers, Baltimore Washington Building and Construction Trades, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union Local 26, the International Union of Elevator Constructors, and the Maryland Council of Communications Workers of America.

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