Manno Endorsed by United Auto Workers (UAW)

Hagerstown, MD – Today Senator Roger Manno, candidate for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District, received the endorsement of the Maryland United Auto Workers (UAW) Community Action Program.

Representing over 15,000 active and retired members and their families in Maryland, UAW represents members working in manufacturing, state governments, agriculture and office buildings. The membership is particularly strong in the 6th Congressional District, which encompasses the Volvo / Mack manufacturing plant in Hagerstown.

In announcing their endorsement of Roger Manno for Congress, Fred Swanner, President of Maryland State UAW Community Action Program said, “Roger Manno is a true dedicated fighter for working families in the state of Maryland. He has been dedicated to working families in our great state as far back as I can remember. Roger has worked tirelessly with UAW to advance manufacturing in this state, bringing living wage jobs to working people.”


Roger Manno Workers Rights

(above) Roger Manno at a recent visit to Hagerstown’s Volvo / Mack manufacturing facility, during development of Manno’s “Maryland Strong Manufacturing Development Act”


“I’m proud to stand with UAW workers, who build some of America’s greatest products, and who fight for the rights of all workers,” stated Manno. “American workers deserve good jobs, benefits, and fair working conditions. That’s why I’m fighting to address worker exploitation and the offshoring of Maryland jobs.”

Manno’s work with UAW workers is well known in Maryland. He is the author of the boldest manufacturing effort in Maryland history, based on the audacious belief that workers deserve the same tax benefits as companies (SB181), and legislation to address fair trade and currency manipulation (SB893). Notably, he has passed new laws that now give Maryland retail workers paid rest breaks (HB1099), reigned-in outsourcing of Montgomery County contracts (HB946),  increased apprenticeship job training throughout Maryland (HB644), and created the job-creating Security Clearance Tax Credit for federal contractors (SB138 and SB 296). He has also twice been awarded “Legislator of the Year” by AFL-CIO unions, and named an honorary member of 2 AFL-CIO construction trade unions.

Manno is:

  • The only candidate in the race to vote against the $1.1 BILLION Estate Tax cut for the richest .2 percent of Americans.
  • The only candidate in the race to vote against allowing garbage burners to receive “clean energy” tax credits.
  • The only candidate in the race to vote against a multi-million corporate tax cut that gives nothing to hard-working blue-collar factory workers.

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