Manno Endorsed by United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)


Gaithersburg, MD – Today, Maryland congressional candidate (MD-6) and State Senator Roger Manno announced the rare early endorsement of all three Maryland affiliates of the United Food and Commercial Workers union: Local 400, Local 27, and Local 1994.

Collectively, these local unions represent more than 65,000 workers throughout Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Washington. They include workers across a vast variety of workforce sectors, including: retail food, processing and packaging, manufacturing, law enforcement (Cumberland), health care, retail department stores, services, and other industries.

In their rare joint endorsement, UFCW presidents Mark Federici (President, UFCW Local 400), Jason Chorpenning (President, UFCW Local 27), and Gino Renne (President, UFCW Local 1994) wrote “[Manno has] been a tireless advocate for Maryland’s working families. [Manno’s] record fighting for good jobs, fair wages and employee benefits is well established. At a time when too many people are disillusioned because they believe government has stopped working for them, we need elected officials who can understand that when it comes to making Congress work for all Americans, actions speak louder than words.”

Manno’s work with and on behalf of hard-working families is personal and extensive, including numerous organizing drives, assistance in negotiations, worker rallies, picket lines, and successfully authoring and passing legislation curbing outsourcing. Notably, Manno successfully authored landmark legislation between 2007 and 2010 that now guarantees paid rest breaks for retail workers throughout Maryland. Manno also stood with (then) Senators Brian Frosh and Jamie Raskin along with Delegate Heather Mizeur against an estate tax cut that benefits the wealthiest .2 percent, carries a 10-year $1.1 billion price tag, and which Donald Trump is now seeking to expand through the “Trump GOP Tax Package.”

“I support a fair deal and a level playing field for all Americans,” stated Manno. “That means tax relief for hard working families, not the top .2 percent of dead millionaires. It’s wrong, it’s immoral, and it defies every notion of economic fairness.”

“Like most Marylanders, I’ve personally worked tough jobs,” stated Manno. “I’ve worked in kitchens, in fast-food joints, and I’ve even driven a taxi cab. They’re tireless, underpaid and physically demanding jobs. Whether you work third shift, in a cubical or in a board room, Marylanders need strong advocates in Congress, a shot at the American Dream, and a secure paycheck. That’s why I’m so passionate about jobs and economic progress — and it’s why I fight so hard. The UFCW is tenacious in representing the rights of the American worker, and our campaign is stronger because of their support.”

Recently, Manno has received the early endorsements of the Baltimore Washington Building and Construction Trades, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union Local 26, the International Union of Elevator Constructors, and the Maryland Council of the Communications Workers of America.

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