Statement by Joel Segal, lead author of HR676, the “Medicare for All” universal single-payer health care bill

“I worked closely with Roger Manno when we were both staffers on Capitol Hill. Roger was a huge part of our effort to relaunch the national healthcare movement. He worked with the core group drafting Medicare for All legislation (HR 676) and building the diverse and powerful coalition that made healthcare reform possible.  Roger’s thoughtful input and commitment to healthcare reform were indispensable from the drafting of the legislation, through his outreach to colleagues in Congress and his support for healthcare reform as a state legislator. He brought his leadership and focus on helping people in need to the Maryland legislature where he was an effective and concerned leader.  Roger Manno is an exemplary candidate for Congress. He is experienced and creative. He’s dedicated to serving the people of Maryland’s 6th district, and will do so from day one.” – Joel Segal, Former Congressional Staffer, Lead Author of HR 676